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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New World and Oceania PoliticalDevelopment Americas became large, centralized empiresled by monarchsOceania groups wereled by ruling chiefs who also served as middlemen Differences Limitations Isolation lack of technology (ex. the wheel) lacked domestication of animals Joanna Klansek and Emily McCarty A3 Similarities trade networks with the neighboring regions hierarchical societies Economic Development The Americas didnot have a worldreligion, but Oceania had a strong polytheisticreligion that still exists there today.The lack of Americanreligion allowed the area to be influencedmore by explorers Differences Similarities Both began as hunter-gatherer groups, which led to strong agricultural societies In Oceania, theykept tohunter-gathererstyles, but in the Americas, people organizedlabor systemsand trade centers Difference Examples Political Similarity: New Guinea and Toltec both had strong trade networks Political Difference: Aztecs and New GuineaAztecs became empire and New Guinea was ruled by chiefs Economic Similarity: New Zealand andIncas both began as hunter-gatherer societies Economic Difference: New Zealand and AztecsNew Zealand stayed hunter-gathererand Aztecs developed into an empire 1450-1750 Food in Oceania Both societieslacked writing systems Red - sweet potatoGreen - cocoaYellow - coffeeBlue - sugar cane Food in the Americas Blue - sugar caneGrey - tobaccoGreen - peanutsYellow - corn
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