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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trainings and Partnerships Multimedia Production Radio Video Local Out of State Maria Hinojosa (Futuro Media Group) Sut Jhally(Media EducationFoundation) Jeff Cohen(Ithaca College) John Garcia(Latino JusticePRLDEF) Doug Mitchell(NPR Next GenRadio) Joseph Torres(Free Press) Amalia Deloney(Center for Media Justice) Mike Marcotte(UNM C&J) Andy Beale(AlbuquerqueBusiness First) Maria Varela(Community Organizer) Kent Patterson(Frontera NorteSur) Henry Gonzalez(Human Rights Commission at the State of New Mexico Louis Head(South by Southby SouthwestExperiment) Tristan Ahtone(Al Jazeera) Furhana Afrid(NM PBS) Royal Da(KOAT-TV) Michelle Otero(Connecting CommunityVoices) Richard Towne(KUNM) Roman Garcia(KUNM) BrotherAli I SelfDevine Everyday Democracy YDI Gathering Of Nations2014 Tomas Guillermo Martinez(La PlazitaInstitute) LaurieWeahkee(NAVA) Moneka StevensCordova(HealthLeadership HS) New Mexico Association for the Education ofYouth Children Partnership for Community Action New MexicoRailyards Native HealthInitiative IndigenousPeoplesTour SWOP New MexicoYouth Alliance Sen. JerryOrtiz Y Pino Reverend John D Hill(Grant Chapel A.M.E Church) Rep. StephanieGarcia Richard NM Coalitionfor Equity andJustice Radio: 52 showsBlogs: 48 publishedVideo: 13 produced GJ worked with 17 local and national trainers. Sybrina Fulton(Mother of Trayvon Martin) Dr. EdwardT. Lewis(New York, NY) Patricia Michaels(Taos, NM) Center forCivic Policy American Federationof Teachers UNM Studentsfor Justice in Palestine Hembras dePluma Dr. AugustineRomero David Correia(La Jicarita) AlbuquerquePeace and JusticeCenter A.N.S.W.E.R. Kenneth GuyEllis II NM Coalitionfor Equity andJustice Joe Monahan(NM Politics) Josh Ruebner(Author, Shattered Hopes) Mary Alice Crim(Free Press) Media LiteracyProject New MexicoJazz Workshop Rabbi Lynn Gotlieb(Berkeley, CA) Public Allies VOCES 2014 La June MontgomeryTabron(WK KelloggFoundation) Protect and Serve Patrisse Cullors(BlackLivesMatterMovement) Gio Acosta(Juarez, Mexico) Steven Salaita(Champagne, IL) Billy Mills(OlympicGold Medalist) Andrea Serrano(OLÉ) Laura Sanchez(Sanchez LegalSolutions, LLC) Rep. MimiStewart Louise Pocock(Center on Lawand Poverty) UNM DreamTeam Michael Leon Guerrero(Our Power Campaign, Oakland, CA) Luna Olavarria Gallegos (Ithaca, NY) Knowaste Roadrunner Food Bank Big BrothersBig Sisters Russ Mitchell(Cleveland, OH) Dr. JeffMenzise LatinoEducationTask Force YWCA: Women on the Move Awards San Felipe Pueblo Jacob Skorka(Breaking the Silence) La Raza Unida Dinah Vargas (Cop Block) Mike 360(ABQ Artist) Mary Jobe Mark Worthy(ABQ Toastmasters) Dr. HaroldBailey(NCAAP) OutpostPerformanceSpace Mission Graduate AmericanGraduate Rodrigo Rodriguez(SWOP) Roust the House HazamiBarmada(Peace Project) Media Desk Center for Media Justice Rio GrandeCommunityDevelopmentCenter Media ActionGrassrootsNetwork Digital JusticeCoalition UNMCommunityEngagmentCenter YES!Program AlbuquerqueHealthcare for the Homeless OYE 2014 Con Alma NAMIBreaking theSilence KUNM
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