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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Rise of "Little Pittsburgh": 1798 -1929 1798 1869 1875 1890 1892 1893 1897 1899 1901 1902 1903 1905 1907 1909 1913 John Carlysle Stewart discovers Revolutionary War veteran land survey left off 50 acres; claims land for himself; becomes New Castle, PA New Castle, PA becomes a city; population 6000 Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie opened his first steel plant; 1870's: rise of tin plate for canningAmerica leading tin plate consumerTin plate imported from WalesNew Castle becomes hub ofPittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad The McKinley tariff raised taxes on tin imports Shenango Valley Steel Company started on banks of Shenango River headed by William E. Reis George Greer started New Castle Sheet & Tin Plate Co. on east bank of Shenango River,expanded to 20 mills,hired Welshmen with tin experience;later became known as New Castle Worksas part of American Tin Plate Co. Construction starts on Shenango Sheet & Tin Plate Co. on west bank of Shenango River along Mahoning Avenue; later became known as Shenango Works as part of American Tin Plate Co. 1898 Tin plate companies in area bought by Daniel G. Reid and merged into American Tin Plate Co. with George Greer as General Manager; Shenango Valley Steel bought by National Steel Co. Shenango Works opened;expanded to over 40 mills;Andrew Carnegie merges several of his steel companiesto form Carnegie Steel American Tin Plate Co. bought by and merged into US Steel Corp.; Greer stays on as manager of all area plantsAmerican Can Company founded in New York City; soon manufacturers 90% of all tin cans in USNew Castle China Company organized; soft coal used in making steel is used to fire beehive Rims in making chinaAndrew Carnegie sells Carnegie Steel to JP Morgan;Carnegie becomes philanthropist;Morgan creates US Steel First American antitrust suit filed against J.P. Morgan by administration of President Teddy Roosevelt Carnegie Steel, a subsidiary of US Steel, merged with National Steel Co. who earlier purchased Shenango Valley Steel New Castle China Co. reorganized as Shenango Pottery Co. American Can Co. plant opened in Mahoningtown;uses much of area tin plate product for condensed milk cans James N. Smith took over Shenango Pottery Co., made it successful; Greer retired as manager of tin plants to focus on other interests Shenango Pottery opens new facility and operates continuously until 1991Carnegie Steel Co. builds playground and theater to be open during summer to provide supervised activities for kids and sports leagues for adults 1929 Stock Market Crash First census of newly created USA 1790 Andrew Carnegie George Greer
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