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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Three significant women that changed the civil war Jennie Hodgers Sarah Emma edmonds Loreta Janeta Velazquez Today I will be talking about the three women that made a significant change in history to the civil war. The three women were all involved in the civil war and was imposters they dressed as men and changed there names and fought in the civil wars.Jennie Hodgers enlisted in the 95th annual annual Illinois infantry using the name Albert Cashier. She was one of the shortest and quietest and was considered a good soldier. Was part of the Army of Tennessee and fought in over 40 battles as an infantryman. Hodgers served a full three years till she was discharged on August 17,1865, after losing a total of 289 soldiers due to disease and death. Jennie was hit by a car and sent to the hospital but they agreed to keep it quiet about her true gender later she was sent to a Soldiers and Sailiors home in Quincy, Illinois were they found out her true gender and soon was diagnosed with dementia and was sent to the state hospital for the insane. Sarah Emma Edmonds changed her name to Franklin Thompson. She joined the 2nd annual Michigan infantry as a 3 year recruit. She didn't participate in the battle at first Manassas. Edmonds stayed behind to nurse wounded soldiers. Was shipped out to Virginia as prt of General McClellans Peninsula Campaign. Acting as courier during the battle, Edmunds was forced to ride a mule after her horse was killed and she was thrown into a ditch suffering a broken leg and internal injury. She was later discharged. Loreta Janeta Velazquez used the name Harry T. Buford, the main reason she joined the army of Texas is because her husband joined but wouldn't let her go with him. Self awarded herself for lieutenant and set up a regiment and was trying to get volunteers well she had found her husband in Florida and acted as a commanding officer and brought him the regiment his answer is not none. Just a few days after that he was killed in a shooting accident. She joined a regiment just in time for the battle at bull run. She soon headed north dressed as a women to see what she could find out for the confederacy and when she came back as lieutenant Buford she was awards part of the detective corps. She got a foot injury knowing her true gender would be found out she fled to New Orleans where she was arrested for being a possible Union Spy. She was found not guilty and was still fined for impersonating a male soldier.
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