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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A GUIDE TO LIFE AT HAILSHAM PEOPLE Ruth A good friend to havecan get you into the Sports Pavilion Do not get on her bad sideTommy The odd one out Still throws temper tantrums occasionallyLaura The class clown You want her to laugh with you, not at youArthur The bully Stay away from him and his loyal followers Christy The Painter Known as the best creator in the schoolSusie The Poet Her scribble books make great giftsJackie The Sculptor "Jackie's Giraffes" have a special place on many nightstandsPatricia The Illustrator Her calendars are beautiful and functional THE GUARDIANS THE STUDENTS THE EXCHANGERS PLACES Miss Emily The Strict Guardian She is in chargeMadame Collects craft items for her Gallery Scared of the studentsMiss Lucy The Strange Guardian Go to her with questionsNurse Trisha She will help you if you are ill or hurt Nicknamed "Crow Face"Miss Geraldine The Sweet Guardian Has been known to give out presents GREAT HALLThe main centre of activity at Hailsham. This is where student eat lunch, and also where sales and exchanges are held. SPORTS PAVILIONThe views make it the best place to hold lessons. Also a favoured hangout spot. You will need to be assertive if you want access. ROOM 18The hospital; or Nurse Trisha's Kingdom. Found at the top of the school. RHUBARB PATCHStrictly forbidden (but if you can get away with it, it makes a great shortcut. NORFOLKEngland's "Lost Corner". If anything mysteriously disappears, the rumours say that the object has likely traveled to Norfolk. THE COTTAGESAfter Hailsham, students go to the cottages. This is a waiting period before students become carers. THINGS SALES EXCHANGES THE GALLERY ESSAYS Exchanges are held four times a year. Students are able to enter their creations (paintings, drawings, poetry, sculpture, any sort of art piece or craft really). Each item entered earns exchange tokens. Everything is laid out like a big market. The tokens can then be used to purchase items the other students have made. The best creations are laid out in a sort of miniature exchange. Madame will select her favourites and take them away to what has come to be known as her "Gallery". These items creators will still be given tokens for the exchange, but they will never see their creations again. Students do not speak of the Gallery. Sales are the best way to get new possessions. Each student is given a certain number of tokens. The items come in on a big van, and are set out in the Great Hall. Students can by new clothes or other items. Rumours go around about which items will be available, and there can be trouble when two people want the same thing. At the cottages, students are given essays to work on, as something to do while they wait to become carers. the guardians help each student to chose a topic, and the student slowly becomes an expert in this topic. As a student grows apart from Hailsham their essay is slowly forgotten, but eventually it must be completed.
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