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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NF What is NF? Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder of the nervous system. It affects how nerve cells form and grow. NF usually affects the brain, spinal cord, nerve system and skin by causing tumors to grow on them. As the body goes through puberty, most of the symptoms are inherited. Skin symptoms, however, can sometimes be seen as far early as birth. NF is autosomal dominant. People who are born with this have a mutated copy of NF1 gene in every cell. It is not sex-linked. Symptoms Type 1:-light brown spots on the skin-two or more neurofibromas (pea sized bump)-freckles under armpits or in the groin area-tiny lumps in the iris (lisch nodules)-tumors along the eye (optic glioma)-curved spine (scoliosis)-bone malformation Neurofibromatosis can rarely become cancerous. Type 2:-tumor on the eighth cranial nerve (schwannomas)-ringing in the ear, hearing loss or deafness-cataracts-tumor on the spine-balance problems-wasting of muscles (atrophy) Treatment Most cases don't require treatment other than observation but harsh cases of NF can result in the need to have chemotherapy, radiation therapy orsurgery. NF is diagnosed through a series of test including:-physical examination-medical history-family history-X-rays-tomography scans-magnetic resonance imaging-biopsy of neurofibromas -eye tests Genetic counseling is available for NF of all types. Neurofibromatosis affects every race and every gender equally. Type 1 occurs 1 in 4000 birthsType 2 occurs 1 in 40000 births Neurofibromato sis
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