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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Golden Rule - Treat people the way you want to be treated, in life and online. If you wouldnt say it face to face, dont say it online. Online communication is just the same as any other type of communication. Respect others privacy and your own. Only share information with those you would tell in real life. Dont post offensive material. When on an online space for school purposes, no matter what the website, conversations and input should only be about work. professional at all times. Spelling and grammar need to be adhered to. Any communication or posts written for school purposes needs to be grammatically correct. Always refer to the Acceptable Use Agreement. This is a document the College created that discusses the things students can and cannot do on the network. Use a clear and understandable email subject line, especially when writing to professionals outside of the school. It helps the receiver of the email to easily find and return your email at a later time. Don't forward private messages to people they weren't intended for. If you are posting something online, know your topic. Don't put something down without any research done. Use capital letters and bolding appropriately. In written communication, the use of capital letters and/or bolding is used for emphasis. If you are upset or frustrated, keep this out of your communications with your fellow students or instructors. An angry or sarcastic comment does little to win respect or cooperation.
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