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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Total Number of Beginning Teachers in this Network:Total Number of Network Teachers serving as NTDs:Network G has 51 NTDs, 5 of whom are supporting 2 Beginning Teachers. Schools where allBeginning Teachers have a NTD Schools with no Beginning Teachers 10 Schools where at least 1Beginning Teachers does not have a NTD 16 Number of Beginning Teachers with a NTD 56 Network Schools Update on Beginning Teachers in Network G December 2014 Network G Overview Beginning Teachers with NTDs 51 If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Meghan McGoldrick or Patreka Wood at or 5-8881 *217 Beginning Teachers*181 of our Beginning Teachers are currently working with a NTD BPS District at a Glance ENGLISH HIGH: Roma LianiMADISON PARK: Haley Allick, Ellen Conway, Adam Darcy, Samuel DePina, Carol Donovan, Mark Flaherty, Rebecca Harbeson, Wilbur LaVoie, Daniel McGoff, Chris Meehan, Nicholas Perry, Martine Pierre-Victor, Wesley Ryan, and Aaron ZaubiMUNIZ ACADEMY: Alfredo Pabon and Maurice SteinO'BRYANT SCHOOL: Paulena (Lena) Papagiannis *2 additional Beginning Teachers are in the process of being assigned a NTD Beginning Teachers who still need a NTD 76 Update 12/2/14 Network G still needs NTDs for the following Beginning Teachers: *157 veteran teachers are supporting our Beginning Teachers as NTDs*84 schools have Beginning Teachers and NTDs 8 20
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