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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Captain Charles Sturt 22:00 18:00 0,83 toneladas de CO2 por electricidad37,19 toneladas de CO2 por transporte2,06 toneladas de CO2 por residuos sólidos Consumo de agua 270 LComidas/Calorias 1755 kcal Energia 8.275 kW/hGas 0.5m3Distancia 28 kmEmisiones de CO2 0.111 TmCalorias gastadas 1500 kcalDesechos Solidos 2 kg/diaDesechos liquidos 20 L/dia 28th April 1795 0,83 toneladas de CO2 por consumo de electricidad 9:00 January1830 13:00 15:00 20:00 16:00 1829 Charles Sturt was a English born in India, one of 13 children. Sturt battled at Waterloofor 12 years. Because he seemed to be experienced his commanders made him a captain and sent him to Australia. Comida 695 kcalTelevisor 600 kW/hBombillo 150 kW/hHorno Microondas 0.15 kW/hComputador 1200 kW/hLavar loza -20.6 KcalVer TV -60kcal Deposiciones solidas 700 gDeposiciones liquidas 10 L Josmar Peña Buitrago Cod. 45101319Universidad de la Salle2012 Harris-Benedict Calorias necesarias 2002 kcal Calorias gastadas 1668 kcal 1815 Para fabricar una tonelada de papel se necesitanentre 12 y 16 árboles de tamaño mediano, unos 50.000 litros de agua y 300 de petróleo Fact:Sturt believed that there was an inland sea. Once he arrivedin Australia,Sturt was given a exploratory trip byGovernor Ralph Darling. The battle of Waterloo started in June, 1815 and Charles was called into battle. 1828 1827 Transporte 14.05 KmDeposiciones liquidas 500 mL Emisiones de CO2 4.36 Kg The goal was to find the size of the Murray River.Hume Hovel travelled with Sturt and together they also discovered... The DarlingRiver! they named it after the governor. After searching for 2 years Hume and Charles discovered the Murray River!
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