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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Net Neutrality News Editorial My position on Net Neutrality isthat I am for It because everybody should have the same internet content and the sameconnection speed. Net Neutralityis the idea that your cellular,cable, or phone internet connection should treat all websites and services the same.ISP's provide you internet accessso you can use it as much as youwant for anything you want. Whilethey can slow down your internet speed, but it is because they doit to slow down virus's. This endsup going through just one single connection and you arecharged one monthly fee.But the problem with ISP's wantto manage your internet accessand charge you depending onhow much data you use. That means AT&T or Comcast could block a service like Google Maps and charge of their own. The reasons why this is important is because for one, a free and open internetpromotes the spread of ideas and promotes innovationit drives entrepreneurship, itprotects freedom of speech.And finaly it is the singlegreatest technology of our time, and control should notbe at the mercy of corporations. The Internethas impacted my life by1)Making studying becomemuch easier 2)It has becomea worldwide communication tool 3) Day to day problemscan be diagnosed using websites like how to repair alawn mower. It is also sad tocome to find out that in certain countries they havenewer technology andequipment to be able to havefaster broad band speeds. The problem with this is that only the rich are going to beable to afford the faster broadbands because they willpay more for the servicepackages that the communications companys.
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