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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Neptune Size:The average distance from thecenter of the planet to its surface is 15,299 miles (24,622 kilometers). Temperature:The planet's average temperature is minus 353 F (minus 214 C). Gravity:The surface gravity of Neptune is 1.14 times the gravity on Earth. Surface:Neptune has no definite surface layer. How long to turn around:Neptunetakes 164.79 Earth-years to travelaround the sun. Weather:Neptune still manages to host some of the most extreme and violent weather in the solar system. Interesting fact:Since its discovery, only oneNeptunian year has passed Distance from sun:When the icy planet is closest tothe sun, it lies "only" 2.77 billion miles (4.46 billion km).At its farthest, it passes 2.82 billion miles (4.54 billion km) from the star. The color of neptune is azure blue. Neptune has 13 moons and has rings and the are made of rock composed of-the first layer of neptune is mostly ice which hydrogen and helium the planet is bluish because of the methane in the air. Neptune takes 164.79 years to orbit the sun. When Uranus didn't travel exactly as astronomers expected it to, a French mathematician,Urbain Joseph Le Verrier, proposed the position and mass of another as yet unknownplanet that could cause the observed changes to Uranus's orbit. After being ignored by Frenchastronomers, Le Verrier sent his predictions to Johann Gottfried Galle at the Berlin Observatory, who found Neptune on his first nightof searching in 1846. Seventeen days later, its largest moon,Triton, was also discovered. Neptunes magnetic field rotates once in about 16 hours. Named after the roman god of the sea. No you can not see it but you can see it with something as little as binoculars. By: Will Burds and Carrie Krapfl
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