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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Call to Adventure The Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Neo's Journey in The Matrix The ordinary hero istempted to enter afascinating unknown world.The hero must follow thecommands to startthe journey. In The Matrix, Neo receives a callat work. Morpheus explains to Neo that hewants to show him something, at the same time there are agents looking for him in the building.Morpheus guides Neo to escape the building safely. Very often the hero refuses to accept the call.The hero may refuse the callfrom lack of understanding the situation, fear, and obligations in the heroes current world. Neo follows the instructions in order to escapethe building. Neo gets up to the last step where he is told to climb out of a office window.Morpheus explains to Neo that he has two choices. Neo can escape through the window or leavein custody with the agents. Neo refuses to leave and is captured by the agents. Once the hero accepts the quest,his guide or supernatural helper appears.The supernatural helper gives crucial informationto the hero. The hero may receive a special object orinformation that helps his quest. Neo is driven to a locationwhere he and Morpheus meet face to face.Morpheus explains to Neo that he is there becausehe knows something that others do not know.Morpheus explains to Neo what "The Matrix" is. Supernatural Aid Crossing the threshold The hero enters the unknown world,leaving behind the rules and morals of the his past world.The new world has unknown rules and boundaries that willsuprise the hero. Neo is given the chance to take one of two pills.The blue pill will cause Neo to forget his whole experience. The red pill is the key to enter the matrix. Neo swallows the red pill and slowly starts to feelthe affects. Moments later, Neo enters the new world. Belly of the whale The hero, now in the new world, realizes differences from his own world.The hero learns how to differentiatebetween the enemies and the allies.The hero may encounter a rebirth of his life. Neo awakens in a pod with wires connected all around his body. He learns that hehas been asleep all along and the world that he calls home is a computer generated illusion.Neo meets Morpheus's crew when he boardsthe hovercraft. Neo is told that hecannot go back to his past world. The road of trials The hero must endure a series of tests and trials in order to become stronger. The meeting with the goddess Woman as the temptress Neo is challenged by Morpheus to strike him in a martial arts fight.Neo fails his first test but keeps traininguntil he learns how to defeat Morpheus.Neo is given the last test which involved jumping from one building to another. The hero meets theall knowing goddess.The hero may receive unknown information. The hero refuses to return tohis ordinary world due to finding divine knowledge in the new world. Neo meets with goddess, which is the Oracle.The prophetic oracle explains to Neothat she already knowswhat answers he seeks. Neo asks about being "the one". The hero may be distracted bytemptations from the other world.It can be a womans temptations causing the hero to stray away or completely ignore his quest. The hero may encounter death but only to be resurrected.The death becomes away for the hero to receive some kind of divine knowledge. Neo follows Morpheus throughthe city and he explains that thematrix is a system. Neo is distracted bya woman in a red dress,driven by lust. Morpheus asks Neo if he is listening to him or paying attention to the woman.Neo looks back at the woman only to find anagent aiming a gun to his face. double click to change this header text! Neo has to risk his life to rescue Morpheuswhen he is kidnapped by the agents. Neo findsa way to manipulate the matrix and he becomes untouchable. The hero must come to terms with the most powerful father figure in his life.In some cases hero does somethingthat causes the "father" to respect him.The hero learns something about himself. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Apothesis The ultimate boon Atonement with the Father Neo is killed by Agent smith, but only to be resurrected.He comes to life and realized that he is "the one". Neo overcame his fear of death. After Neo saves Morpheus,he uses is god-like abilities allowing himto overcome any obstacle in his path. Neo fully understands how to use his powers and saves trinity from dying in a helicopter crash. This step occurs when the heroconquers the long quest andachieves the ultimate goal. Neo comes to the realizationthat he can never go back to his past world. He refuses to be the slave that he once was. Refusal of the Return The hero tries escape back to the ordinary world with the secret knowledgethat gods try to keep hidden. Neo searches for a telephone thatallows him to teleport into the ordinary world.The agents chase Neo and try to kill him.They fear that Neo will share thesecrets of the matrix. Rescue from without The Magic Flight The hero may be hurt or weakened.The needed help allows the hero tocontinue his journey. Neo is shot to death by Agent smith.Trinity confesses her true love to Neo. Neo is ressurected when he recieves akiss from trinity. Master of two worlds The Crossing of the Return Threshold The hero must return with the wisdom and knowledge heacquired during his journey. The hero becomes comfortablein both worlds. The hero has a fullunderstanding of the world that he entered. Neo now knows that he is "the one".He knows what his purpose isin life. Neo will save the human race. The Agents realize that Neo hasmagically came back to life andstart shooting towards him, but the bullets are stopped in mid air by Neo. He uses his newlyacquired skill to destroy Agent Smith. The hero is seen to have god-like powers.Once the hero masters the two worlds, he can finally be free from any fears. Freedom to live Neo has mastered both worlds. He received the answers that he was seeking all his life. He useshis knowledge to help therest of the humans.
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