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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NemoBy:Kaelyn Klee Quest Departure Call To Adventure Treasure Nemo is at his first day of school and is embarassed because his dad is very strict and protective. There Nemo is challenged by his classmatesto go touch the boat. As heis swimming back, the scuba divers take Nemo captive. Assistance Trials Approach Result Return New Life Status Quo After Nemo is taken by the divers, Marlin knows he must get him back. Marlin goes to about everyone he sees asking if they had seen the boat that Nemo was now on. Nemo is a clown fish who lives with his dad,Marlin. Nemo does not goto school becausehis dad is veryprotective. ThereforeNemo does not havemany friends. On his journey to find Nemo, Marlin runs into Dory. Dory is a fish who has short term memory loss and isn't very smart. Dory is, however, smart enough to help Marlin find Nemo. Crisis After coming acrossDory, Marlin setsout to find whereNemo has been taken. He starts offin the directionthe boat washeading. Marlin and Dorycome across manyobstacles. Includingsharks and angry angler fish. Theyescape using smartsand dumb luck. Marlin and Doryare almost atthe goggles withNemo's whereabouts.Suddenly jelly fishcome and Doryis stung. When Dory isstung, Marlintries to helpher. As she isfloating to thebottom of the seaMarlin is stungmany times andthey areboth knockedout. Marlin and Doryare saved by theturtles in the current. Marlinthen realizesthis was thecurrent they neededto go to in orderto find Nemo. Marlin and Dorytake the currentto Sydney,Australia.There they findNemo and headhome. Tuna are stuckin a net and Nemowants to help.He is trapped under the netand saved byhis father. Marlin and Nemo return hometo their friends.Marlin finallydecides to letNemo back toschool. Nemo headsback to schooland sees hisfriends. Marlin isnot as strictand protective.Nemo is happythat he can goto school andbe with hisfriends.
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