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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CHANGES! PC upgrades/ server migration Kai Shiraishi Nelson Mandela=The first black president in South Africa in 1994 WOW!! What Change did Nelson Mandela want? Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. Nelson Mandela wanted to change the unfair laws South Africa. The apartheid system in South Africa created an unfair gap,between black people and white people.White people were able to havebetter education, jobs, freedom and even environment!!On the other hand, black people were treated unfairly by the unjust lawsand they were having a hard time living. Nelson Mandela thought that the apartheid system was completely wrongand he chose to fight against the government by joining a party called ANC.Nelson's mind was so strong and he truly aimed to break up the National Party which created apartheid system in 1948.Nelson Mandela also wanted peace in South Africaso he did Peace Activism in order to create difference. Nelson Mandela held speeches to collect more supporters.Nelson Mandela finally broke the apartheid system in 1994.1994 was a big year for Nelson Mandela. NElSON MANDELA Mandela Nelson 1918-2013 Nelson Mandela became South Africa's first black president after 3 centuries of white rule.White people ruled South Africa before Nelson Mandela's revolution. Mandela's government party (ANC)collected 252 votes out of 400 seats and won the historical election. Gandhi! How was Nelson Mandela influenced by Gandhi? Non-violent activism Nelson Mandela's non violentactivism made big progress towards his goal.I would say that words were betterweapons than guns for Nelson Mandela.Mandela held public speeches to collecthis supporters. Mandela's supporters admired and had hope in Nelson Mandela'swords. Nelson Mandela's non violence activism gave a big impact to mediasand people all around the world. Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were both peace activists. They promoted civil disobediencewhen they felt that it was necessaryto make people aware of unjust laws. Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were bothworking in South Africato create difference! Gandhi was working as a lawyer to getmore educational knowledge about justice. Mandela was working as a part of government in South Africa inorder to create change. Their goals (the change they wanted)were different, but they both had a great goal create change!!!
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