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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nellie Bly Bly had to practice making herself appear as insane in order to get herself admitted into the women's asylum where rumors of cruelty are floating around. As an undercover journalist, she wants to expose these indignities against women's rights. In her article she said, " I could assume insanity long enough to accomplish any mission intrusted to me." Blackwell's Lunatic Asylum For Women Once she was admitted into the asylum, she began to experience the awful treatment of the nurses. They ate moldy food, and there was much of it. They were threatened with beatings. They were forced to take freezing cold baths, and they had to sit outside in the cold for hours on hard, straight back benches. While making Bly take a freezing cold bath, according to Bly's article one of the nursing said, "There isn't much fear of hurting you. Shut up, or you'll get it worse." Nellie Bly Ten days later, she was finally rescued but the news paper she was reporting for. Even though their treatment there was horrible, she felt a certain sadness in leaving. This is because she did not want to leave the people who were staying there. "I passed them on my way to freedom and life, while they were left behind to a fate worse than death." When Bly came back to New York she wrote a series of articles about her experience in the mad-house. It was published in the news paper. People we're shocked.📰✏️ The asylums budget was raised by 1 million dollars and it was eventually shut down. THESIS: I see Nellie Bly as one of society's many heroes for women's rights. She was a young women of sophistication who underwent terrible indignities as a temporary inmate in the notorious Blackwell's Island Lunatic Asylum For Women. She exposed all their cruelties through an article in the news paper and eventually shut down the asylum. This is important, because her actions saved the potential fatalities of many helpless women after her.
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