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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Needs Assessment Survey Needs Assessment Survey Employee Satisfaction 74% 36.1% Conducting Performance Reviews 76% Time Management 74% Call Center Technology Usage Utilizing the WFM Workstation What training do feel they need? Lowest By Tier Clinical Terminology Handling Difficult Callers Time Management Adherence to Process Telephone System Usage Data Entry 72% 42% 69% 72% 69% 67% 69% 68% 66% 25% 25% 33% Time Management Customer Service Handling Difficult Callers Time Management Source: Employee Needs Assessment Survey for Leadership 69% 22% Recently a Needs Assessment Survey was released to Operation's Leadership asking them to assess their personal needs as well as the needs of their teams. The goal of this survey was to capture leadership opinion on training needsto aid in the development of 2015 Employee development Initiatives. The survey was built out on a scored Likert scale. of leaders thought could be improved. Based on lowest self-assessment scores for all Operations Leadership. Referral Specialist Nurse Reviewer Physician Reviewer When asked how Employee Development could impact performance: 25% of leaders thought Commitment to Organizational goals could be improved. Based on the open ended question: "How do you think ED could improve the performance of your team?" Lowest By Tier Referral Specialist Nurse Reviewer Physician Reviewer KPIs Average Speed of Answer 68%Employee Satisfaction 49%Employee Engagement 64%Schedule Adherence 67%Employee Retention 69% Call Quality Scores 68%Employee Satisfaction 66%Employee Engagement 69%Schedule Adherence 78%Employee Retention 63% Telephone System Usage Leaders Adherence to Process Competencies Call Quality Scores 33%Employee Satisfaction 50%Employee Engagement 50%Schedule Adherence 50%Average Talk Time 42%
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