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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 0 2 4 6 8 Not Important At All Not that Important Kind of Important Important Very Important Students Opinion of the Necessity of Learning Programming in NCSU Do Students ThinkProgramming Is Useful? Why Do Students Think This Way Do Students Want toLearn Programming? In my research, I will focus on students' attitudetowards learning programming in NC State. Many research studies, such as UnderstandingComputer Programming as a Literacy (Vee, A. 2013), focus on how programming can be usefulfor people. My research, however, will find outabout how students think about it. My research question is about students' opinions: Dostudents here in NC State think thatprogramming can be useful for everyoneand why? I will survey students in the research. Other Engineering 76% of Surveyed StudentsMajor in Engineering No How ImportantProgrammingIs For StudentsThemselves? 0 2 4 6 Not Important At All Not that Important Kind of Important Important Very Important 53% of Students SaysThey Are Not Interestedin Programming Yes How Important StudentsThink programming isFor Most People 12% Students Says YesEveryone Should LearnProgramming Not Sure No Yes Conclusion For the scale-basedquestions, the result didntshow much trend. Theaverage of all questions arearound 3. Therefore, it is verypossible that people do notreally care about this topic.However, there are threeparticipants who chose notimportant at all for thequestion how important doyou think programming is foryou. I looked up the resulttable and these threeparticipants are majored incrop science, internationalstudy, and chemistry. This isthe same as I expected. Fromone of the text base questions,one participant wrote I am notan engineer so I dont think Igonna use it at all, whichindicates the possibleconnection betweenprogramming and engineeringin peoples mind, and thepossible thought ofprogramming is for engineersin the participants mind.Maybe that is the reason theresult shows that people dontthink that everyone shouldlearn programming. There is atrend that people thinkprogramming is only forprogrammers and engineers Not all people likeprogramming, and not allpeople need programming. Itis still hard to determine whoneeds it and who dont.Further study is needed toverify if, for example sciencestudents or businessstudents, need programming.This can help college studentsto unload their unnecessarypressure
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