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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nazi Air Raids Over Britain: What Did the British Fear? Subtopic 1: Was the psychological effect overestimated? Given that London alone was attacked 71 times over 37 weeks and that 1 million+ homes were damaged or destroyed, the British government's fear of widespread madness was completely reasonable even if it didn't actually happen. Subtopic 2: How did the British government fear that manufacturing would be affected? The British government feared that as a result of widespread madness, manufacturing would cease from lack of capable workers. Subtopic 3: What portion of the British populace actually suffered mentally? Recollections of first hand accounts of the bombings and destruction indicate that rather than terror, many citizens at the time felt awe at the sight. However, there have been documented cases of PTSD and shell shock as well. In general, a surprisingly small number of Brits actually "lost their minds"; they adapted. Conclusion During the Nazi air raids of Great Britain, the government rightly feared that the populace would be unable to cope with the immeasurable destruction, which would in turn devastate manufacturing and the war economy. However, against all sound logic, British citizens easily found the strength to tolerate and adapt to the new chaotic way of life. Created by: Winston Dobson, Jay Tinsley, Josephine LaLonde, Ciera Wagner, Jared Anderson
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