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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Natural history of diseases What do I have to do?I need to keep doing actions to prevent diseases. And realized about all the diseases that surrounds us. To knowwhich specific actions we should take.What do we have to do to prevent diseases?Basically we have to eat well, do exercise regularly, have a cleanlife, Avoid pollution, and the contact with the virus. Evidence Description and justification Conclusion I use this topic, every time I try to prevent a disease and I take some actions.For example when is winter,many of my classmates, star to get some respiratory diseases and this diseases spread too fast. So I start to take some measures, to preventrespiratory diseases like wash my hands every time I am going to eat something. For the things I have learned in class I know thatin the example I am taking primary prevention. And the waywe can get this diseases is whenwe ingest the virus or the bacteria. Diseases can be acquire in different ways, in this case common respiratory diseasesare acquire through the ingestion of the bacteria or virus, but also can get through the inhalation. The agents that break homeostastis in the example are the infectious agentsbecause the diseases get through bacterias and virus.In the example I am in the stage of susceptillity, in this stage I don't have the disease in that moment, I haven't develop the disease but there are a probability to get the disease because the are some risk factors for example when I am in my classroom sharing things, and space, food and water. And then if I get the virus I could start the incubation period that is the period since a person is infected to the person start showing the symptoms of the disease. And the measures that I am taking are primary prevention, is when the person is still health, but you make things to prevent diseases, and to conserve homeostasis. The agents that can break homeostasisare: infectious agents,physical agents, chemical changes,dysfuncitons of themetabolism. Ways we can acquire disease are touch,ingestion, inhalation, injection or inoculation. The disease is divide in 2 periods pre-padogenicperiod and phatogenicperiod. And measures ofprevention are 1, 2,3,4prevention. So what we can see what we have seenin class is applied in theexample Plan References. -Lu Jiahai . (2004). Natural History of disease.february 19, Epidemiology Sitio web: de Monterrey. (2015). The natural history of presentation.. February 19, 2015., de LJ Create Sitio web:
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