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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History on Tornadoes In the U.S. there have been over100 tornadoes that have beenrecorded. The most deadliest yet was in Illinois. It was in many towns that got destroyed. The disastrousTornado occured on March 18,1925.It had killed over 613 people. The tornadohad destroyed eveyones' homes. Not oneperson had been able to be untouched.Maybe in the future your community can hurt from another tornado that could beeven worse. Supplies To be a profesional in survivinga tornadoyou will need a loadof supplies. You will need...-a box of canned foods-a communication device-a radio-a flashlight or lamp-batteries-water-shelter-books to read-a first-aid kit In order to be a pro in surviving tornadoes,you would need a safe place for safetybecause you dont know if you can be eaten alive by the tornado you are in at the currentmoment.You would also need some supplieswhich would be in the section below. Preparation How do tornadoes form? Is it because of our weather forecasts. Or is it because ot our storm conditions?Actually it is because of both! When our terribleweather and our storm we get the beast forms.Also, it can occur when youhave cool and warm watermixed together.Think of it as if you invited people for a hangout and then it turns out to be a huge party. TORNADOES By- Hafeeza Ghany Causes double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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