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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Native American Resistance June 25, 1876 the Native American warriors were led to defeat Colonial George Cluster and his forces. 1793 - 1812 During this time the first white settlers either bought Indian land or forcibly took it.Native groups later called for the Declarationof war in 1812. This was also known as the "western war." The Native American fought to protect their land and heritage from the European encroachment. After the war many treaties were made as a solution. With the growing Indian force it threatened manywhite settlements throughout the North West. Tecumseh had challenged the U.S. plans. Social Issues Shawnee BrothersTecumseh - A political and military leader. His combined skill madehim powerful and better known than his brother. He had a successful military resistance and have profoundly challenged the U.S. plans on the North West.Tenskwatawa - Launched a more broader Indian social movement. Combined traditional native beliefs and some aspects of Christianity. He was also entitled as the "prophet." By: Shaina Belford and Evangeline Azeltine The Native americans fighting the Europeans. The Native American Resistance is a very good example of conflict in history. The first few white settlers taking the land forcibly is a big deal. But how the Indians stand up to this movement is the big picture. The Native Americans were the ones that rejected having communication with the whites. When the U.S. planned to take over the North West the Indians challenged themselves and made history on what they did. They changed history because they have had their land and everything else taken away in the past and to challenge themselves in my opinion is pretty incredible.
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