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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nationalism - a feeling of extreme pride in one's country that can lead to unity or disunity Nationalism = Disunity RussianEmpire OttomanEmpire AustrianEmpire The Czars started losing control and used Russification, which only caused them to disunify even more. Different ethnic groups created tension and were given citizenship, which outraged the Turks. The Seven Weeks War happened, and Austria and Hungary split in two. Italy was unified by nationalism. Cavour and Garibaldi worked together to unify the country and gave the power to Victor Emanuel. Germany was unified by nationalism. Bismark did all of the unifying and was forceful in how he went about it. Today: Ukraine The Soviet Union split because people had a lack of interest in an Independent Ukraine. In a town called L'viv there were people that didnt think they had an identity and felt far less than important. The people didn't want any new officials coming to power because it would lead to more disunity; they would take more away from the citizens and if they keep their same leader, not much more could be taken from them. There were people from Europe, Russia, and Ukraine living in Ukraine. These people had a lack of nationalism and a lack of unity. Many people had different views on how the government should be run. Applebaum, A. (2014, May 12). Nationalism Is Exactly What Ukraine Needs. Retrieved March 24, 2015, from Ten Most Significant Cultural Trends of the Last Decade | Q Ideas. (n.d.). Retrieved March 26, 2015, from Weeks, L. (2011, September 28). America's Love Affair With Nationalism. Retrieved March 24, 2015, from Nationalism in the U.S. English Education European ancestry Civil War Christianity American territory Nationalism in America is changing because of welcoming new immigrants and ideals (homosexuals, atheists, Muslim and Spanish immigrants, etc).
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