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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Weekly Newsletter Week of September 28th- October 4th Picture Day is Monday, September 29thEarly Release at 11 am on Wednesday, September 30th Important Dates: Learner Profile: Thinker, CommunicatorCentral Idea: Systems help us live and learn together.This week will will continue to investigate systems and we will look intowhat happens when a system is broken. Can we fix a broken system? While we continue to work on our names we will also begin to work on other lettersin the alphabet using materials like playdough, white boards, magnets, and more.This week will will have our second visit to the libary and each student will checkout and bring home thier own library book. Please enjoy the book with your childand help them remember to take good care of the book that they are borrowing. Each morning we count toward the 100th day of school. On the 10th day we got aspecial note from Zero the Hero. We are now eagerly waiting for the 20th day of school(Sunday) to see if he will leave another note since 20 also has a zero.This week we will have an introduction to patterns and practice making and recognizingpatterns around us. Unit Of Inquiry Literacy Inquiry Math Inquiry Home Connection: You can support your child's learning at home by:-Reinforcing good manners at the dinner table. Ask your child how they show good mannersat snack and lunch.-Helping your child practice writing their name.-Reading with your child (Search through a book or other print material for letters from yourchild's name. Can they show you the cover of the book? The title?)-Practice making patterns with items around the home
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