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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Tropical Rainforest The Tropical Rainforest Flora Flora Fauna Some flora of the rainforest include but are not limited to: bromeliads, a short stemmed plant with interesting rosettes; carnivorous plants; liana vines; and orchids. Layers of the Rainforest The layers of the rainforest go as follows:Emergent: the highest layer ofthe rainforest. These trees canbe up to 200 feet tall!Canopy: this layer of trees canbe up to 100 feet tall. Thislayer acts like a roof or canopy.Understory: a layer of tangledplants and shrubs. The tallestplants here are about 12 feet.Rainforest floor: a place wherevery little sunlight reaches.Fungi and other plants thatare not sun-reliant live here. Emergent layer Canopied layer Understory layer Forest Floor Carnivorous plants arevery interesting for onereason: they don't con-sume sunlight. They eatinsects, frogs, or even small birds. There aredifferent kinds of carn-ivorous plants, includingVenus flytraps andpitcher plants. The largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon, is located in South America. Rainforests are populated withmany kinds of animals including: jaguars,crocodiles, alligators,frogs, toads, and manymore. The rainforestis home to more thanhalf the world's animals,many of them endangered.. The Amazon rainforestin particular is home tomany species ofendangered fauna.The giant river otter is one example of this, as are thegorilla and the jaguar. A kapok tree can grow up to 200 feet tall, with a trunk width of 9-10 feet. An area the size of a footballfield is being destroyed in rainforests each second.
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