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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Step #10 36.1% Step #6 Step #5 Step #1 How A Bill Becomes A Law Step #2 Step #3 Step #4 Step #7 Step #8 Step #9 *1st Reading-Introduced to Congress-Majority support to pass-Sponsored by member(s)-Member of Congress must sponsor-Private or public-Acceptance by House, Senate, and President *Send to Committee-Send to appropriate committee-Bills success is determined here-Committee assigns to subcommittee-Hold hearings to consider bill-Amendments to bill There are a lot of steps that total together as to how a bill becomes a law (HABBL), but instead of using all thesteps, we have taken a shortened version that it only ten steps. Pay close attention and you'll be able tounderstand how exactly a bill goes through congress and becomes a law. *3 Main options-Amend- approve-Kill- table the bill-Pass- approve & report *Rules Committee-House must pass rules-Limits for debate-Speaker appoints all members to committee *2nd Reading-House will debateon rules-Amending phase-Vote on bill *3rd Reading-Read with amendments-Last reading-Vote on bill *Vote on bill-Yea, Nay, Present-Must say aloud to vote *Send to other chambers-Repeat steps 1-7-Start in House/Senate-Go to opposite *Conference Committee-House/Senate bill differ-Solve discrepancies-Committees to report billare conference-Majority of conferees sign bill-Senate&House vote again How A Bill Becomes A Law *Sent to President-Different thingsPresident can do with a bill are...-Sign bill, make a law-VETO the bill, return to Congress-Refuse any action, after 10 days bill becomes a law without signature-Pocket VETO, less than 10 days left in term, no sign, no law
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