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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lead his first slaverebellion. Killed 60white people. Lead his first slaverebellion. Killed 60white people. Was Nat Turner the Devils Servent? Nat Turner was born. As a child, Nat impressedhis family by showingthe first signs of his"spiritual connection". In return whitepeople killed 200 black,innocent people Oct 2nd, 1800: August 21, 1831 Whilehe was 30 years old: Nat worked on asouthhampton plantation,he eventually ran away He then returnedbecause he got a spiritual messagefrom God Four years later: Turner saw a newvision from God. Itspoke of a serpent.It confused him but,gave him hope forthe future. It told him thatthe time hadcome to fight Three more years later: Nat received avision of blackand white spirits fighting in bloody battles. After winning that battle,Nat's troops followedhim to Jerusalem.They planned to takeover the armory. Once they arrivedat a plantationnear Jerusalem,they were stoppedby white men on horses. The black men foughtthe white horsemenwhile attempting to enterJerusalem. In thischaos, Nat slipped awayinto the woods. Five weeks later: Turner was hiding from the white people.But, he was one of the most wanted men alive at that time. Oct. 30th 1831One week later: Turner was captured Or One of the Best Slave Rebellion Leaders of All Time? Turners Trial: He plead not guilty,saying it was the work of God The whites found himguilty and punishedhim to deathby hanging. Nov. 1st 1831 Nov. 11th 1831 He and many otherAfrican Americans were hung. Now it is your turn to decideWas Nat good or bad? Nat recieved a new message
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