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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Every year Americans are involedin starting or growing a young business. Manyof these entrepreneurs seek capital from equityinvestors - either Angel Investors or VentureCapitalists. Angel Venture vs. @angel | @venture Venture over investments Angels IMPACT about per deal total 4,000 businesses 30 billion 7.5m Although most VC firms have a websiteand other ways of sending in cold call solicitations, it is best to be referred toa VC by someone who is know to the VC. 60,000 MARKET SIZE 1. helping stimulate growth 2. VC investment 2 50B+ 20B Angel investment 30B Combined 1 The average angel investor has an annual income of $90,000, a net worth of $750,000and invests $37,000 per venture *resources - US Angels invest a total of about $20 billion a year in around 60,000 businesses. Venture Capitalists invest about $30 billion a year in about 4,000 businesses. 20 million Tornadoes WHAT THEY ARE double click to change this header text! A tornado is a violently rotating column of airthat plummets from a thunderstorm. They are formed through thunderstorms, specifically the biggest and longestthunderstorms called supercells. TORNADOES IN HISTORY One famous tornado was the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham tornado. It wasan F5 tornado that wrecked cellphone towers, knocked down trees, andcollided with two-story apartments. DAMAGE DONE Tornadoes can wreck large buildings, lift cars,and rip up blades of grass. STAYING SAFE To stay safe during a tornado, get inside immediately. TheNational Weather Service will make announcements.
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