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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NasirJohnson ShawnHimes JuliaKroner RickyBleattler NyckiHalty MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS Merry Ireland! Christmas Did you know that an Irish Christmas lasts from Christmas eve till January 6th A tradition is to setan large candle onthe window sill to burnall night. Christmas is known as Nollaig and Santa Claus is called San Nioclás, or Daidí na Nollag A common dessert during the Christmas dinner is Christmas pudding Traditionally a round cake, full of caraway seeds, is mostly made for every member of the house The feast of epiphany is a day when the women are allowed the day off and the men do everything the women would do The day after Christmas day is called St. Stephans Day which is like Boxing Day and the tradition of the Wren Boys Procession which is when a wren was killed in ancient times and carried on a holly bush. Real wrens arent used anymore In my house I celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree and Christmas lasts only 2 days, but in Ireland it lasts for multiple days. On Christmas Eve I am only allowed to open one gift. I open all of my gifts on Christmas Day. Most of the time, my mom doesnt make a big dinner on Christmas. In Ireland they have a day only for women unlike in my house. At my house, we do not go to church, light candles, or go to parades. To me Christmas is about giving things to others, being lazy, and being thankful for everything we have.
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