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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Narcolepsy: The Conclusion "Imagine staying awake for 12 hours and then waking up in the morning. That's how I feel, everyday." -Heather Smith, 34. double click to change this header text! Loss of controlover musclesdue to cataplexy leaves the patient confused and dazed for a big part of their life "Not only do I think it is possible to have a career, have a family, and have narcolepsy- I think that you can do so with going off medication." -Sarah Kowalczyk. Some scientists and doctors believe that genetic defects are a cause of narcolepsy It affects 1 in 2,000 people around the country The brain switches from normal REMsleep to non REM sleep, which changes from vivid dreams to an uncomfortable wake up call Sleep paralysis causes bodies to be paralyzed and experience hallucinations that often feel frighteningly real Causes will become worse andworse throughout when stimulants are used to keep the brain awake Narcoleptics can often get a negative response to their sleep deprivation.Society and pop culture can give outfalse information about the disorder. I felt like I was doing this to my family, I was doing to myself and couldn't figure out why I was doing it. And here I am at 51 and it's okay. And it's the journey I was supposed to take." -Patricia Higgins "Narcolepsy Comes with Numerous Negative Effects, but the Bad will Eventually be Overcome by the Good." This is who I am, and I'm not going tolet a disorder confine me. -Amanda Vasas, 26. It was a long and difficultroad,but by the grace of God and withthe help of my family and friends,I was able to persevereto whereand who I am today. -Tesa Schmidt "I gave up a lot, but I've also gained much.I have a newappreciation for beingable to climb stairs without thefear of falling, and swim without worrying about drowning." -Sharon Weitherly
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