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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 @EmperorNapoleon Twitter: Emperor, Military Leader Napoleon Bonaparte 118.109 Followers. 53.005 tweets. (1769-1821) Biography: Born: August 15, 1769 Educated at a military school, he was rapidly promotedand in 1796, and was made commander of the French armyin Italy, where he forced Austria to make peace. In 1798, Napoleon conquered Ottoman. He was stranded when his fleet was destroyed by the British at the Battle of the Nile. Educated at military school, he was rapidly promoted andin 1796 was made commander of the French army in Italy,where he forced Austria and its allies to make peace. In1798, Napoleon conquered Ottoman-ruled Egypt in anattempt to strike at British trade routeswith India. He wasstranded when his fleet was destroyed by theBritish at theBattle of the Nile.Austria and Russia had allied with Britain. Napoleonreturned to Paris where the government was in crisis. In acoup d'etat in November 1799, Napoleon became first consul.In 1802, he was made consul for life and two years later,emperor. He oversaw the centralisation of government, thecreation of the Bank of France, the reinstatement of RomanCatholicism as the state religion and law reform with the CodeNapoleon. Emperor of the FrenchReign: 18 May 1804 11 April 181420 March 1815 22 June 1815Coronation: 2 December 1804Predecessor: Himself as First ConsulSuccessor: Louis XVIII (de jure in 1814)King of ItalyReign: 17 March 1805 11 April 1814Coronation: 26 May 1805Predecessor: Himself as President of the Italian RepublicSuccessor:None Other Info: Died: May 5,1821, Longwood Sources:
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