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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Napoleon Bonaparte Future President Of The United States 2016 Ability to Motivate and Mobilize Napoleon as others often say, has a tactic called "persuasion with rewards. "Using this tactic, Napoleon is able to persuade soldiers to join his army. He tells them that someday they will be just like him. He did anything he could to win their trust and loyalty. Able To Strategically Plan Napoleon is a very strategic man that will do anything to win for his country. Weeks before a battle, he would spends hours in libraries researching about his enemy. He is usually considered the brain of each battle. Has A Vision Napoleon has a vision to conquer as much land as possible for his country. He has already succeeded in gaining Europe as a whole. In 1798Napoleon conquered Cairo. As Napoleon himself once said, " It requires more courage to suffer than to die." Napoleon suffers to protect his country. With the help of one of the most distinct traits ofleadership, courage, Napoleon will be able to help the U.S. even if it means putting himself in danger. For example, Napoleon showed courage when he first commanded his army past the enemys main position, across the River Danube to the south bank. He soon discovered that the Austrians were actually behind him, on the north bank. He then ordered a large portion of his army back across the Danube in order to trap the Austrians. Has Courage Is Decisive Napoelon is a man who is very powerful man who can very quickly make a decision. This quality isshown each time he leads his army into a battle.
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