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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Nanotechnology can help Poverty Nanotechnology is the basic building blocks used throughout the evolutionof technology. President William Clinton funded the National Nanotechnology Initiative(NNI) in 2000. Rice University developed gold nanoshells in 2003 that can destroy cancer cells. Rice University created a method to remove arsenic in water in 2006. Berkeley discovered negative refraction to bend light and can help develop lenses in 2008. Timeline of Nantechnology More then 30 countries manufacture about 1300 nanotechnology based products. Nanotechnology has potential to help poverty byfighting disease, producing more food, providingmore water, and improving agriculture In pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology helps develop anti-retroviral AIDS medicine can help decrease the rate of the virus and increase the quality and length of life. Companies are using nanotechnology to make a difference in the tasteof food, and food safety. GMOs/ Genetically modified organism can help produce more food. An example is nanosensors that are being developedto detect bacteria such as salmonella. Another example is plastic film that is beingdeveloped to allow food to stay fresh longer. Another example is bottles madewith nanocomposites to minimize leaks of carbon dioxide and increase shelf life. The number of Americans in poverty is constantly rising. Nanotechnology is the science of working with atoms and molecules to build devicesNanotechnology is everywhere around us in our daily life.. Nanotechnology has been changing the tools and procedure in medical and biotechnology. An example is Quantum dots that are now used in MRI/ X-rays, these are 1000 times better than conventional dyes. Another example is gold nanoparticles that can detect early-stage Alzheimer's disease. Disease and Medicine Food What is Nanotechnology? How Nanotchnology Helps Poverty? Most of poverty is in developing countries andrely on farming for livelihood. improvement inagricultural is an effective way to reduce poverty.nanotechnology can increase productivity in the field,improve quality of food and water which will result inmore money. Agriculture An example of nanotechnology in agricultureis nanocapsules are used for delivery of pesticides,fertilizers, and vaccines more efficiently. Another example isnanosensors is use to monitor soil condition and crop growth,as well as for detection of animal. Fun Facts
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