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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Refugee and Migrant Rights ADDING Who are refugees? Interesting Statistics Write for RightsCampaign STARTHERE People who have left their country due to issues such as war, poverty,persecution, and natural disasters.Majority of them leave their countrybecause of safety reasons or their government can't protectthem from violation of their human rights. -200 million people do not live in their country of origin.-There are 14.2 million refugees in the world-Internally displaced persons (IDPs) 24.5 million (0.4% of the global population)-Most of the IDPs and refugees are either in Asia or Africa. 18.1 million IDPsand 9.2 million refugees in Africa and Asia. Current Refugees IssueIn the World Syrian Refugees are seeking a place to live but have nowhere to go. Germany and Sweden havereceived the largest number of them.Russia and China have not receivedany while Turkey, and Jordan haveenforce sever restricts on the entryof refugees. These refugees areunaccompanied children andpeople with medical conditions. Jailed without Justice Nancy Nzobigeza Undocumented immigrants are put in detention every day in the US.It costs $95 per day to detain a person .Amnesty Internationalsreport, exposes the immigrantdetention system in the US asbroken and unnecessarily costly. Planned by the Amnesty International from December 1-17. They raiseawareness about human abuse by writing and sending texts, and emails. The campaign is the world's largestletter-writing event were the publicsupports the fight for human rights. Human Rights Research
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