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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Public Service Announcement Twitter claims to allow parody, commentary and newsfeed accounts This Public Service Announcement Sponsored By Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew, A Satirical, Commentary and Newsfeed Non-Commercial Blog. Fair Use Doctrine Applies That Is Not True If A Celebrity Doesn't Want To Be Spoken Of Or Parodied. Nancy Abt tweeted Cory is a "Kreative genius" on8/20/2014. The content stars Kato Kaelin and other musicians, models, directors, voice actors, classical musicians, etc. Nancy Abt falsely claimed having a restraining order on 1/3/2015.@Wanderinpoet was suspendedbased on her lies. For over a month. Nancy Abt wantsthe truth of her vicious liessuppressed. Does Twitter acknowledge the First Amendment? Or Can A Celebrity Demand NOT To Be Parodied? While issuing threats? Nancy Abt then falsely tweeted on 10/8/2014 that Cory (a reference to @wanderinpoet had stalked her for 4 months. A complete and total fabrication. A lie. Nancy Abt appears to confuse characters in the content with reality. Nancy Abt then begins referring to @wanderinpoet as Fresno Stalker.This is a person that has never stalked anyone, and been subjected to open abuse by Nancy Abt. Why should he have to save his face?And from whom?
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