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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Public Service Announcement Twitter claims to be building a safer twitter. This Public Service Announcement Sponsored By Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew, A Satirical, Commentary and Newsfeed Non-Commercial Blog. Fair Use Doctrine Applies Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Claims To Be Taking Personal Responsibility Bullies Run Twitter Satirist Suspended For Truth Nancy Abt is a liar. That's right. I said it. A liar. Nancy Abt is an out of control celebrity intent on attacking a satirist.The satirist removed her from his content for trolling a man and his child. Despite practicing his art, and telling the truth, the satirist was supended on the basis of lies told by Nancy Abt.Though certainly not as famous as other graduates of the same schools he attended in Fresno, CA (Holland PROJECTT.A.L.E.N.T and Roosevelt School of the Performing Arts ~ Perhaps you have heard of Audra McDonald) the satiristknows what parody and satire is.It's clear that @twitter moderation does not. And listens to liars. Having ignored reports of abuse, trolling, talk of killingthe satirist, etc since September 2014. In well over 300 separate emails to @twitter support.Mr. Costolo has more than a "troll" problem. He has a bully problem. And his moderators allow it. Clearly. There is no room for any other reasonable interpretation. @Wanderinpoet was suspended in September. Apparently for daring to tell the truth about Empire Avenue, and their out of control leadership. As @Wanderinpoet is both a customer of, and in leadership of Empire Avenue, this is astonishing that another leader would report him to @twitter for any reason,Apparently @twitter is not a viable platform for communication.Especially as Keith Gill was running demonstrably false content through Empire Avenue as missions. Mostreputable business would be concerned with false advertising, but not Empire Avenue. Nancy Abt celebrates a suspension.Also mentioned in the tweet are Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies and Keith Gill. All in leadership at Empire Avenue. JE SUIS TWITTER? Twitter claims to allow parody, commentary and newsfeed accounts.It is unclear if Twitter knows what satire, parody, commentary and news is.Here's a hint for Twitter. A company with a 3 year record of attackingit's own customers, much of it taking place in the open, on Twitter,while twitter ignores hundreds of emails pointing out the abuse is news. That the companies leadership takes to Twitter to lie about theircustomer, and lies about their own authority at Twitter is news.That a celebrity can demand NOT to be parodied is news. That seemsto violate the first amendment, AND the actual terms of serivice thatTwitter claims to follow. And allow. How can you allow this to occur? When did Twitter decide that standing up and SPEAKING UP about bullies was wrong, and raw, naked threats were right? This tweet is the truth. It was not sent to Nancy Abt, and is NOT her image.It was co-written with a guild screenwriter.@WanderinPoet was suspended forover a month for using his art to express truth. This tweet is dated10/8/2014. Yet Twitter is unable to discern the truth. Satire, Art, Parody, Commentary And News are punished by Twitter if you aren't the right person. AND people can talk about killing you. Openly. On Twitter. Lie. There is no restraining order. There have been no threats. Quite the contrary. She threatens me.
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