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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 eMyth InGenius InGenius Different personalities A successful business needs a mix of technicians, entrepreneurs and managersinstead of one person who is talented in a job.Find out which kind of person you are and try to find matching partners, who will help you out in tasks youare not very good in. This willhelp each personality a lot. "Franchise Prototype" A business owner has to create systems that work even if he is not present, instead ofbeing involved in every business activity. Build up a standardizedsystem that runs thebusiness. And work onthis system so that employees are able torecreate the same product quality as if it was you doing it. Undesired outcomes Unexpected results are informationyou should learn from, instead of declaring it as a failure. This can be applied very well when thinking about new business and product ideas. Every idea no matter how bad it may seem can lead youto a very good idea. Forced constraints Working under given contraints can cause better products and increase creativity, instead of limiting the result's quality. Give yourself only a strictly limited time for coming up with new product concepts and try to get into a dialogue with customers after releasing it. Following an aim in life Having an aim in your life is not only helpful in motivating you, but is essential if you run your own business. See the business as a mean to fulfill your personal goal and avoid making the business your only life goal.
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