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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How We Work: City Year works in partnership with schools, parks, and communitycenters to identify spaces where volunteers can add value to theirfacilities. City Year will design projects for corporate volunteersto complete, such as painting inspiring murals, creating andenhancing garden spaces, and building organizational units likebookshelves and cubbies. In just one day volunteers are able torebrand a classroom, school yard, or auditorium into a more invitingand engaging place to gather and learn.Some of these projects, such as murals and small constructionprojects, can be completed at a corporate office and thentransported to the school at a later date by the City Year team Beautification Projects Skills Based Mentorship Programs Corporate volunteers possess the skills and experience thatsupport the growth and development of our students. Skillsbased mentorship days are often based at corporate offices andvolunteers share their experience and expertise on topics suchas resume building and networking, personal statements andthe college application process, public speaking, and other skillsthat students will need to be successful in their post-secondaryendeavors Large Scale Service Days City Year hosts three large scale days of service where multiplecorporate and community groups are invited to serve together inservice to a larger cause. Those days are MLK Day, Earth Day, andGlobal Youth Service Day. 3,151 Projects Completed 385 Community Partners 100 Corporate Partners 26,960Volunteers Engaged 95% Net Promoter Score NEW YORK CIVIC ENGAGEMENT TEAM
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