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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 * The actual names have been changed to keep the customer confidentiality. Brijesh Patel enquired on the investment options & rates from Aditya Sakhuja as he wished to remit CHF 30,000 on January 13, 2015 for booking a NRE TD. As per Adityas knowledge on the global economy and currency markets, he suggested the client to hold the remittance for a while as the CHF was at 59.5 against INR on the said date & there was a possibility of strengthening of CHF against all major currencies. As expected, there was a significant spike of Rs. 12/- in CHF against INR at 72. The client was elated to receive such a wonderful advise from Aditya & praised his willingness to service a customer to the best of his ability. Further, the client remitted CHF 1,00,000 instead of CHF 30,000 & desired us to build his portfolio across diversified investments. VOC: I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge levels of my RM. I know my money is in safe hands. Merchant Navy officer, Ravi Behl received an urgent call from his company to visit Kolkata for his joining. Hence, he was unable to make his property registration payment due to lack of time & funds. It was then that the client asked Prabhat Gupta to pay the registry amount for his property booking post-receipt of sufficient funds in the account as, he was hesitant in relying on others. The client requested Prabhat to furnish the payment cheque on his behalf. Prabhat assured him of the cheque being submitted to the concerned person as per his requirement. The client received the remittance & the cheque was personally handed over by Prabhat to the officer for a smooth property registration process.VOC: I am very thankful to Kotak to recruit such a RM. Such type of service is commendable. Wish you a bright future in Kotak. NRI customer Abhishek Banerjee residing in UK wished to seek advise on our investment products over a call. Aayush Singhania guided him on the various investment products (NRE, NRO, Investment & Demat Accounts) as per his requirement & also succeeded in getting his NR A/cs opened with the bank. Aayush was appreciated by the client for providing swift customer service.VOC:- Aayush has been extremely helpful for me in getting the NRE & Investment Account opening. I am residing in UK & all the interactions went on phone & i never felt that I am away from the bank. I was driving him crazy with lots of questions on NRE/NRO, investments, demat etc. & he was so patient to provide all the clarifications in time. His investment knowledge is extremely good. Hence, I am recommending his name to my NRI friends who are looking for a guy in opening NRE & investment accounts along with proper investment guidance. Thanks.
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