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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 * The actual names have been changed to keep the customer confidentiality. Kalpesh Patel wanted to close his account as he had multiple account related issues since last six months with no positive response in spite of being connected with his Relationship Manager & different Bank executives. On his call made to Privy hot line number; Omkareshwar Yadav acknowledged all his concerns related to non-receipt of alerts & statements, incorrect customer contact details being updated in our records, inability to create Term Deposits & Debit Card charges being levied to his account. Omkareshwar rigorously followed up with respective teams to resolve the matter on priority & this resulted in the client enhancing his relationship with us via different investment options.VOC: I spoke to him for an hour and not even a single sign of impatience during the call, I would rate him 10 out of 10 - full marks. His service is certainly 100 times better than many seniors that I spoke to in your bank. You have a gem working for you! Jatinder Singh had an urgent request to enhance RTGS, NEFT per day & per transaction limit to 20 lakhs & Net banking RTGS, NEFT limit to 40 lakhs. RM being on leave, SDO, Nabila Habib promptly took the client confirmation on recorded telephone line & arranged necessary approvals from higher authorities of the NR department to execute his request. Nabila further guided the client to send a scan copy of his physical request from his registered email id as per the process requirement and also to provide a confirmation post dispatching the original request letter to the Bank. Post receipt of the original letter, his request was processed & he was able to transfer funds as per his requirement. The client was thankful to the RM, Shipra Srivastava & SDO, Nabila for their efficiency, promptness along with professional approach displayed towards resolving his concern. Sumit Iyer was in an urgent need of a cheque-book, hence Kalpesh Sadrani assisted the client in cheque-book issuance based on necessary approvals from higher authorities & subsequent delivery of the same in the branch on priority. Further, to the clients investment requirement, Kalpesh guided him with the best possible investment avenues in Kotak resulting in the investments made by the customer. Kalpesh also offered him Privy League benefits & he was highly interested in upgrading his account with us. Prompt support & correct guidance results in building trust in us & subsequent enhancement of the banking relationship.VOC: I felt well treated at the branch & your manners & professionalism stood out!
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