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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NQR 2-Rated Calls - Not organized. (Caller provided the fund name and the account number for each redemption. After placing the caller on hold to process the redemptions, the representative had to return from the hold to determine which account number to use for the transactions. Also, when summarizing the redemptions, the representative confirmed the incorrect account number for the first redemption.)- Did not control the pace of the call. (Representative was noted for a hold exceeding one minute.) -Not organized. (Representative stated that he did not see anyone active in the plan. After being questioned by the caller, the representative then stated that the active accounts were not listed under the callers firm.)- Did not communicate understanding. (Caller explained that the client was not a current participant in a SIMPLE IRA plan and asked whether the callers firm was listed as the broker dealer on the plan. After locating the plan, the representative requested the callers name. The caller provided the clients name and repeated that the client did not have an account. Also, the caller had to ask several times whether his firm was listed as broker dealer on the plan.)- Did not address caller directly.(re: SIMPLE IRA Plan) - Not organized. (Representative had difficulty locating CDSC information.)- Did not control the pace of the call. (Representative was noted for 2 pauses exceeding 30 seconds each.)
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