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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OUR VISION Connecting with Our Community Our Improvement Plan Potential Uses of the New Space Our ambitious renovation plan includes:- Improved children's space- Two open community, multi-purpose spaces- Enclosed, updated kitchen- Upgraded classroom and meeting space- Upgraded and fully accessible washrooms- An open, inviting and connected space for our neighbours and guests. The purpose of the Role Model Moms program is to equip moms with the academic knowledge,confidence, and life skills necessaryto successfully pass the high school equivalency exam.ETCBC provides its facilities to accommodate childcare serviceswhile participants attend classes on site. For more information or to contribute, please contact We envision this improvement project as a huge opportunity for us to better utilize our space for community needs. Examples could include:- low/no cost meeting spaces for community groups- food and shelter programs- active lifestyle programs (yoga, tai-chi etc.)- child care programs East Toronto Chinese Baptist Chuch is located in Victoria Village, Toronto. In Romans 12:16, Paul urges us to live in harmony with one another. God created the world with the intent for human beings to exist in community- one where there is no distinction between race, sex, or culture, but of mutual respect and support among equals. We are constantly excited to build relationships with and serve the needs of our community not only through our programs and events, but by simply being with the people of our neighbourhood. Hash Run is ETCBC's health ministry, who's mission is toenrich lives physically and spiritually through healthy lifestyle choices, exercise, and nutrition.This program and others will benefit from improved kitchen and community spaces for its events. Hash Run Role Model Moms
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