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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 941 18,686 6,653 25,342 3,082 16,109 AMOUNT CONSUMED PER DAY WORLD OIL *resources here EACH BARREL X 1000 OIL CONSUMPTION FROM NOW UNTIL 2020 WORLD OIL CONSUMPTION WILL GROW ABOUT 60% TOTAL WORLD 84,007 BARRELS 42 Gallons per barrel158.98 Liters per barrel BARREL CONSUMPTION Timeline of North Korea's History double click to change this title text! double click to change this header text! 1948North Korea emerged following World War II 1950North Korea invades South Korea beginning the Korean War 1953A cease-fire is called ending the Korean War 1972 Kim II Sung took the position of President of North Korea 1994Kim II Sung dies in North Korea 2000South Korean Presidentinstalls "sunshine policy"aimed to help aid North Korea and thaw tensions 2002Reactivates nuclearpower plants callingthe attention of the United Nations 2007Successfully tests it'sfirat nuclear weapon 2009North Korean leaderswalk out of internationaltalks aiming to end it's nuclear activities. 2011Kim Jong-Un is madeall powerful leader of North Korea 2012Kim Jong-Un agrees to suspend missilelaunches in exchangefor US food and aid 2013-2014North Korea breaks US agreement and continues testing missiles
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