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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PUBLIC LIBRARIES by the numbers % 9 of New Jersey residents have a library card visits were made to New Jersey public libraries in 2013 45.8 MILLION New Jersey 4.4 million people New Jersey libraries provide public computer 10.1 MILLION sessions in 2013 resumes written jobs found homework completed research done emails sent statuses updated information accessed 4 New Jersey libraries alsoprovide WiFi for public use access to 7,689 computers 42 MILLION ITEMS 28,359,548 books & magazines9,591,943 DVDs & CDs2,123,521 eBooks in New Jersey public libraries' collections New Jerseyans use their public libraries 57.9 MILLION ITEMS BORROWED 34.8 MILLION 23 MILLION adult items children's items in 2013 63,902 90,640 children's programs people participated in 3.1 MILLION 169,457 programs adult programs 14,915 young adult programs ? reference and research 7.6 MILLION questions answered Sources: Institute of Museum and Library Sciences public library statisticsNew Jersey State Library Data Year 2013 Statistical Library Value Calculator New Jersey public libraries invested 41.7 MILLION on collections local property taxes the State of New Jersey 90% of funding comes from local sources per capita state aid funding program based on a formula of assessed home values 12.5% decline in propertyvalues since 2009 only 0.41ยข per person 50% cut in funding to 3.6 million in 2010 is spent on public libraries by the State of New Jersey and has remained flat since DESPITE THESE REDUCTIONS... How are New Jersey libraries funded? In 30 years, New Jerseylibraries saw a drop in state aid of $5 million dollars. Adjusted for inflation, this is a decrease in value of $15 million dollars or 81%. What's it worth? $ 386 MILLION in adult books$ 205 MILLION in children's books$ 10.4 MILLION of DVDs & CDs$ 639,020 worth of adult programs$ 633,330 worth of children's & teen programs$ 12 MILLION worth of computer use sessions$ 114 MILLION worth of questions answered If the items borrowed, programs attended, computers used, and questions answered were purchased, the value would be: Think about this the next time you buy a cup of coffee.
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