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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Segment Specific Policies Academia Free education system of Finlandis a classic example of the government initiatives to fostereducation. Science Orientation@ school level To inculcate the habit of innovationfrom an early age, the governments throughout the world have implemented various policies and schemes. Entrepreneurship Doctoral level The Malaysian government has been giving various grants for the development of S&T in SMEs. Some of them are:-a.)Technology Acquisition Fundb.) Matching Grant Scheme Industry-academia collaboration NIS SME oriented Center of excellence/industrial complexes TechnoFund is a scheme of Malaysian government to foster collaboration between the private entities andinstitutes for higher learning. SwB(Science without borders) scholarship program of Brazil gives scholarship for pursuing higher studies in Europe and America. Innovation vouchers of $5000 are given to SMEsfor the purchase of the innovative products by the government of Singapore. Norway has 3 policies for promoting CoE. They are:-a.) (SFF) aimed at promoting scientific excellenceb.) (SFI) aimed at research for innovation and more economic objectivesc.) (FME) which is thematically defined and focused on environmentally-friendly energy research and aimed at solving specific challenges. Establishment of state universitiesby the governments throughoutthe world "StartUp Britain" launched in 2011 by the private sector but with the help of Cameron's governmentfor encouraging entrepre-neurship. Similarly, England has taken initiatives to Support for every school to run its own business through the" Enterprise Champions Programme".
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