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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Video Game Sales By Year 3D modeling is one of Nintendo's specialties now.Before they were known formost platform games. Video Game Sales By Genre Over the years, video games have changed immensely. Video games have gone from to 2-D to 3-D, black and white to colored, and from 8-bit to HD. But not only that, video games have affected the buyers in many ways. Since the start of video games, prices have increased, content has changed, and video games over all have developed dramatically. Sales have increased dramatically due to the increase in 3D games. There are many types of video games. Nintendo mainly makes children and family games becausethey specialize in those fields. Different games sell differently. Since the creation of theWii, Nintendo sales haveskyrocketed. With their new 3D designs and giving the player the ability to use motion to their advantage; the Wiiwas a huge hit. Since then, Nintendo hasn't gone anywhere but up. Compared to it's rivals, Nintendo dominates the market. Nintendo Console Timeline Mr. Game & Watch was Nintendo's first real hit. It was their first name brand videogames and people loved it. Since then, theyhave gone on to create a powerhouse of a company. Nintendo was founded onSeptember 23, 1889, Kyoto,Japan STOCKS Over the years Nintendo's stock has declined. The chart above shows the growth anddecline of their stock in the last five years. Recently their stock grew by 0.47 percent and as of now, a share of the company is worth $14.45. The NES was the first console that Nintendo released officially. It wasa huge hit. In total, 61.91 unitswere sold. FUN FACTS NINTENDO Nintendo was sued in 2000 because Mario Partysjoystick-spinning mini-games caused hand injuries to children. Super Mario Bros. 3 never really happened. Mario is actually about to die on the cover of the originalSuper Mario Bros. Mario got his name from the Nintendo office's landlord. Nintendo has always been popular although since the Wii came out, their sales have been through the roof.The Wii U has also been doing well in sales. The evolution of theNintendo controller has contributed greatly to their peakin sales. They are always coming up with new unique ideas for their controllers andconsles.
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