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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NIHL noise incluced hearing loss DONATE SHOP WITH PURPOSE. keep your eyes USE SOCIAL MEDIA fundraise participate in benefit runsand walks donate Blog pRAY Pin TO TELL THEIR STORIES write a letter to a survivor OPEN invite a speaker tweet we have about 15,000 hairsin our ears,noise induced hearing loss is caused by listening to high voloume or noise for to long whichcan damage those hairs the fource of the sound waves can damage hair cells in the ear by the vibrations and can cause permanent hearing loss preventions you could buy*cheap foam earplugs*reusable earplugs*custom earplugs*limit your listing*earmuffsor the 60/60 rule it can not be cured but you can get hearing aids to amplify sounds one in every five teens have hearing loss and about 2.6 million have it in the world double click to change this title text! 47% of teens say they are not concerned about hearing loss from use of personal audio technology. Of the 28 million Americanswho have hearing loss, over 1/3 have been affected at least in part by exposure to noise. facts cured? how its caused damaged healthy
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