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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Thieves use simple tools to break-in: a simple screwdriver, pliers, and hammers are the most common that are being used. And more importantly only 13% of burglaries are being caught due to lack of evidence or witnesses. Did You Know? ome security statistics shows that: H In the United States of America, every 13 seconds a home burglary occurs.There are 2.5Million+ home intruders are caught every yearEvery 1 minute there are 2 cars that are being stolen and almost 2,500+ cars a day.2 Million burglars are being reported every year. Below are some of the common types of security cameras you can choose from: Your Sydney Home Needs Security Camera Systems H ome security statistics shows that: Did You Know? Security Camera Systems Your Sydney Home Needs Dome Security Cameras The advantage to using this type of security cameras is that their lens can be replaced. Theyre especially handy for when you need a special type of lens to capture images under certain conditions or zoom to more closely for a better view of the target. Bullet Security Cameras One of the best features of this type of security cameras is that their casings are weather proof, eliminating the need for extra external protection. They come in a fixed 4mm lens that lets you clearly see facial features up to 35 feet and they feature a respectable 70-degree view. Infrared Security Cameras C-Mount Security Cameras Its the more heavy-duty type among security cameras, making it suitable for most types of harsh environmental conditions. Its tamper-free and could withstand blows from a 10-Lb sledgehammer. This type of security cameras allow users to see through dark or low light conditions, making them suitable for nighttime or for areas around the perimeter where light conditions are low. Newhams Security Newhams Security A Division of NSS Group A Division of NSS Group Call us on 1300 133 343 Call us on 1300 133 343
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