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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Neurofibromatosis 1 NF1 Symptoms ~Flat, light brown spots (café au lait)~Freckling in the armpits and groin.~Soft bumps under the skin.(tumors)~Small tumors on the iris of your eyes.~Bone deformities.(growth and structure)~Learning disabilities.~Larger than average head size.~Short stature.(below average height) Where? NF1 effects the brain, nervous system, spinal cord, and skin. What? Tumors are formed in the nervous system When? Symptoms are visible around the age of 10 years.There is no gender or race more likely to get NF1. = 1 person = 1,000 people In every 1 in every 3,000 births get NF1 Not sex-linked Dominant o r Recessive Medication There is NO CURE for NF1, but there are things you can do to monitor and help with it. Tests and Helpful Procedures ~Some tests run are IQ, vision, nervoussystem, hearing, Neurological exam, DNA, MRI, and X-rays.~Procedures to help with NF1 are surgeriesto remove tumors, radiation and chemofor cancerous tumors. How to get it About 50% of the time, a person inherits the mutated chromosome 17. People with parents who have NF1, have a 1/2 chance of receiving the dominant gene. This would give the child the mutation. Diagnosis Doctors know to test people when their parents have the NF dominant gene. Also, when you start to see signs such as about 6 birthmarks, scoliosis, and all the other symptoms, doctors know to check to see if they have the trait.
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