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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Singapore land requirementsto go up from 71,400 ha now to In the next 10 - 15 years, 76, 000 ha new housing units push the number of homes from1.2 million to by 2030 70, 000 70, 000 1.9 million 900ha 100km of waterways 900, 000 seniors Improved park accessibility More green spaces As more citizens retire and with fewer entering the working-age band, thenumber of working-age citizens will start to shrink by around 2020. 7.5 million 7.5 million of reservoirs to man our growing economy in Singapore will be PMETs: professionals,managers,executives & technicians, residency needed Two-thirds of workers Populatio n Future Developments Rapid development of new technologies for efficient purchase of goods& purchases traffic control systems Enhanced New design efficiency fuel fuel for automobiles of intelligent SG50+1 0 1 in 5 residentsaged 65 & above Singapore 's Into the Future In our world of both exponentialgrowth and accelerating innovation,systems of repetition are "doomed tocollapse". We need to make radical changes to the frameworks in which we operate. The world is now an interconnected neural network,where problems are consideredshared and where solutionsare crowd sourced - we're no longer living in silos This power of connection has begun and will continue to reveal whatwe are capable of. We must work together to redefine what "growth" and "development" really mean. Hence, we must to IMAGIN E IMAGIN E DAR E DAR E More land,more homes more greenery... SG50 . Year of ideas Relentless celebrationswith family and friends Reflect how far weve come together as one nation, one Singapore SG50 Celebration Fund Nurul Khairiah (133783B) | Ann Rodlie (134019J) | Liu Ying (130586B) IT1301 Share hopes &aspirations forSingapore's future BIG Ultra-high highways
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