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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 56% male 44% female(women take your pick) 56% male / 44% female(women take your pick) 84.1% of those thatapply are accepted Enrollment:14,747Undergraduates- 12,124Graduates- 2,283Professional- 340 80% of classes are 50 people or less 47% NDSU tuition: $6,604U of M tuition: $13,626 General Stats Fun Facts on ND Programs:100 undergrad majors86 master's programs50 doctoral programs The average ACT score is 24.02 and the average grade point average is 3.43 for incoming freshman NDSU is NCAA Division I (FCS)and is apart of The Summit League, Missouri Valley Football Conference, Western Wrestling Conference NDSU has 2,531 Temporary Workers that they employ for campus jobs Army ROTCAir Force ROTCprograms offered Why You Want to be a BisonIn the Freezing Tundra of Fargo Average Aid:86% of students receive aid22% get federal aid ($4,284 avg)23% get state aid ($2,023 avg)33% get institn'l aid ($3,151 avg)65% get loans ($7,978 avg) graduate within six years At 3.2%, North Dakota has thelowest unemployment rate in the United States Don't lead the conversation with any "Fargo" movie quotes.The movie was NOT actuallyfilmed here... and NOwe do not talk like that... Less than 1% of North Dakota is forest, the smallest amount of any state. Most of the landis farm land. In 2012, North Dakota was the fastest-growing statein the United States. North Dakota has long, harsh winters and short, hot summers. Both of its recorded weatherextremes occurred in 1936: -60° F in February and 121° F in July. There are still morecows than people inNorth Dakota, about880,000 at last count Fargo has more liquor storesper capita than anyother city According to USA TodayFargo, ND is the happiestplace to live According to USA TodayFargo, ND is the happiestplace to live
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